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Happy Holidays to All


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This is a new phase Michelle Trachtenberg Site.
This site made with a typewriter and a lined sheet of paper.
Hidden in this site are secrets to the universe.
NEWSFLASH!!!!!! THE LAST SURVIVING MAYAN SCRIBE FOUND IN SOUTH AMERICA!!! THE WORLD WILL NOT END!!!!!! In other news, Michelle's new Maxim photoshoot video is at the bottom of this page. The MySpace and Twitter pages under her name are not Michelle Trachtenberg. This was confirmed in a very recent interview where she denied having either pages. Contrary to what Perez Hilton (A.K.A. Mario Lavandeira ) has claimed on his web site, she is not friends with Perez Hilton.
The last Mayan scribe was found in South America in the Andes Mountains yesterday
writing a new Mayan calendar. This will move the end of the world to December 21, 10,012
8,000 years from now. When asked why the new calendar is twice the length of the old,
her reply was one word,

I am not on Facebook. I am not on Twitter.
There are a million fakes and it super pisses me off
as some of my friends start to believe them
like “hey I’m following you on Twitter.”
It’s like “dude I’m really not on Twitter."
I’m so not computer-advanced.
I barely just got a laptop this year.
I wouldn’t even know how to start.

I pretty much only know how to use my Blackberry
and that’s a miracle within itself.
So please feel free to broadcast that everywhere.
Facebook and Twitter, it’s not me,
it’s some crazy person.
And don’t pay attention to them.
There you go, that’s my campaign.

Michelle Trachtenberg from an interview when
asked about the Twitter and Facebook.
Untitled Poem ( Fall 1998 )
Author: Michelle Trachtenberg
A rose as red as blood
Has touched the lips of death
It has withered at the sight
Never to shine again
A rose as red as blood
Now brown as dirt
Has breathed its last breath
Never to breathe again
A rose as red as blood
Will bleed no more...
Copyright 1999
Michelle Christine Trachtenberg
All Rights Reserved
(Is it OK for us to put this poem here, Michelle?)
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