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We have confirmed that Michelle Trachtenberg's MySpace and Twitter pages are fakes.  She indicated in a recent interview that she has no MySpace or Twitter pages and that the MySpace and Twitter pages are fake and that she doesn't know how the accounts got verified.


Rumors of Michelle Trachtenberg dating Danilo Gallinari are FALSE. The story was completely fabricated by the alleged "source close to Michelle".  The NY Post attempted by their own admission in the article that they contacted her reps and didn't hear back from them.  They also admitted in the same article that the team rep wouldn't comment on the player's private lives.   Danilo Gallinari in a recent interview denied the rumor.

Congrats to Michelle. She's going to be producing and starring on a show on the CW network...

Michelle is going to produce a TV show according to an interview she did a couple of weeks ago.  No details, yet.

Mercy is available on DVD.  Check it out on Amazon.com.

Rumors about Michelle getting cozy with John Mayer were blown way out of proportion.  Her reps have denied the rumor.

Michelle and Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze were seen shopping in LA - not really Earth-shattering news, but we gets what we can.... :)

Contrary to what Perez Hilton reported, Ashlee Simpson did NOT lap dance her husband, Pete Wentz and call Michelle Trachtenberg names, nor did she say anything mean to her.  She and Michelle had a minor disagreement according to our sources over whether or not Michelle actually dated Pete Wentz.  Ashlee later apologized to Michelle, who told her that she and Pete were just friends and had never dated.

Michelle's new show, Mercy, has been picked up by NBC.  Congrats to Michelle!!

There is an interesting rumor floating around the Internet that Michelle's Official MySpace is also a fake page, put up without her permission.  We don't know if it's fake, or not and Michelle, herself hasn't publicly said in any recent interviews that it is her page.  We are leaving the link to it up for the time being.

Michelle was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, April 22 promoting her new film, 17 Again.

Michelle did an interview for h magazine.   Here's a link to the article..

Congrats to Michelle 17 Again Was Number One at the Box Office This Weekend at $24 Million

It's been a fun being a webmaster of this page, but all good things come to an end.  I am transferring ownership of this page next week.  The URL isn't changing.

She was on the Bonnie Hunt Show this past Friday.  Her cute French bulldog was the star of the show......

17 Again was released in theatres on Friday.

She was at the 17 Again premiere in Hollywood on the 14th of April.  Photos here.

She is going to be on the Bonnie Hunt Show on Friday, the 17th of April.  See your local listings for times.

17 Again premiers on Tuesday, April 14th.  She is expected to be at the premiere.   The film's release date is April 17th.

Michelle hosted Clearasil's Ultimate Dance competition on the 7th of April.  Photos coming soon.

Michelle has a role in a TV series pilot called Mercy.  She plays a nurse.

A photo section has been added to this site.  It is in a work in progress - we are in the process of adding more photos from the past and current
events.  As new photos become available, they will be added to the site.

Michelle Trachtenberg is going to be the voice of Valkyrie in the upcoming animated series, Marvel Super Hero Squad.

Michelle has a new boyfriend.  Nice guy but a little on the quiet side......  Link to photos...

Another interview from Sundance, this one she did for MTV.   Here's the link.

The first episode of Gossip Girl that will mark the return of Michelle's character Georgina will air on the 27th of April.

We are currently in the process of putting up photos on our server.  This will be an ongoing process.  This will fix some problems and make viewing of the photos quicker.

Michelle Trachtenberg interview video at Sundance.  Here's the link.  Here's a YouTube link if the LA Times one doesn't work.

Michelle Trachtenberg is at the Sundance Film Festival.  She showed up at the Axe Fix Club yesterday.  (The 16th of January).  Against the Current is premiering.

According to Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, Michelle Trachtenberg has signed on to reprise her role as Georgina on Gossip Girl later this season.

Michelle Trachtenberg was at Tao's in Las Vegas on the 2nd of January celebrating her sister's birthday.

Michelle has made no comment on Pete Wentz's interview on the Howard Stern show.

Michelle Trachtenberg wants to wear a t-shirt that reads "Zac Efron is My Daddy".  Here's a link to the article.

Michelle appears in a book called Hollywood Pin Up by Timothy White.   She looks great.  Here's a link to the Projects section for more info...

Michelle Trachtenberg went to a Halloween party dressed as Sandy from the film Grease.  Here is a link.

She went to the 2008 AFI Fest.  See the Events section for more.....

She attended a fundraiser.  Click here for more on that...

A creep named Jake Landit has claimed to have got a drunk Michelle Trachtenberg pregnant.   See the Rumors vs Truth section for more details.

Michelle Trachtenberg has been cast as Fiona in a Broadway play called The Giver.  Here's a link to the details.  See it if you're in New York.

Michelle Trachtenberg is doing some voting PSA's.  She is trying to convince people not to vote.  Here's a link to the PSA.   She appears 1:13 into the video.  The video is rather humorous.

Michelle Trachtenberg has been seen with a mystery man.  The only thing we know about him is he is very tall.  We have nicknamed him The Tall Man after the undertaker in the film, Phantasm..... until we find out who he is.  A blogger claims he is a retail salesman, but the man just bought a new $45,000 vehicle with cash, so it's unlikely he works a minimum wage job, either that or he's a trust fund baby.....

wheadonverse.info is down, so many of the links to event photos have died along with it.   We are in the process of getting the event photos from their original sources and putting them up on this site.

There are more additions to the News section.

There are more rumors from Internet bloggers who claim to have seen Michelle Trachtenberg doing cocaine.  These rumors and statements are FALSE.  Check out the Rumors vs. the Truth section for some more rumors popping up about her.

"The Circuit" premiered on the ABC Family Channel this Sunday, June 8th at 8:00 P.M.  Check your local listings for repeat showings.

Michelle went racing against Snoop Dogg at the Dodge Challenger Celebrity Drag Race at the Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, California.  To find out who won, check the News section under  Events.

Michelle's role in "Gossip Girls" was for four episodes.  It currently isn't known if her character will be back next season.

Michelle Trachtenberg was on the "Ryan Seacrest Show".  Here's a link to the audio.

"Beautiful Ohio" is finally going to be released on DVD and is currently available on Amazon.com for pre-order.

Michelle Trachtenberg interview link.

Michelle Trachtenberg was on the "Ryan Seacrest Show".  Here's a link to the audio.

She has a blog on Cosmopolitan.com.  Here's a link


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