MySpace Safety Tips

1.  NEVER publish your address, phone number, e-mail address, or Social Security number on MySpace.
2.  NEVER see ANYONE in person you meet on MySpace.
3.  NEVER indiscriminately add people to your friends list.  Be very careful who you add.  Predators often pose as other teenagers.
4.  Don't add celebs to your friends list unless you know for certain the person is who they claim to be.  Predators use false celeb profiles to attract teenagers.
5.  NEVER do on your profile what you may see a celeb doing on theirs - for example Michelle Trachtenberg adds everyone to her profile that asks.   UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO THIS!!!
6.  In general, be very careful.  MySpace and other sites like it, including Twitter have a lot of false profiles on it.  Make sure you know the people you are dealing with on those sites.

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